Learn Arduino programming with concepts step by step guide

In this course you will learn about Arduino programming, we will start from basics of Arduino programming and go to advance level Arduino programming


A step by step guide

Introduction to course   

  • Introduction to Arduino and getting started with Arduino

  • Introduction to C Programming for Arduino

  • Data types for C programming for Arduino

  • Decision making in C programming for Arduino

  • Program loops in C programming for Arduino

  • Functions in C programming for Arduino

  • Storage classes and scope in C programming for Arduino

  • Introduction to the pointers for C programming for Arduino

  • How to use pointer effectively with Arduino

  • Structures, unions and data storage

  • The C preprocessor and bitwise operation

  • Arduino libraries

I will be updating this course with more lecture on Arduino programming for C like LCD interfacing , Keypad interfacing, sensors interfacing , motors interfacing , OLED display interfacing, I2C communication, serial communication,  SPI communication, TFT display interfacing and many other sensors interfacing with Arduino. So keep visiting this course on Arduino programming for more useful videos.

More info at Udemy.com

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