Joe Ahrens 24-7 Product Review | Valentus Reviews 24-7 Carb Burner
I just got this package in the mail and I’m excited about it. This is what I went to Vegas to hear about and to get an early order.

It’s a brand new product by Dr. Joe Ahrens

Dr. Joe figured out a way to take a natural product and have it perform in the body in a way that it would actually outperform Metformin and its effects on your blood sugar glucose levels.

It took him eight years to do it. He figured out how to take some natural ingredients and make a product that in clinical trial studies with humans would actually outperform Metformin.

Which is pretty amazing!

And now we have Dr. Joe coming on board Valentus

This is his newest product called 24-7 Carb Burner

He’s come out with something new that is amazing. There’ have been some people that have trial-tested this product.

It’s actually geared towards weight loss but really it balances your body and allows your body and your immune system to correct itself to do what it was naturally intended to do.

But weight loss is the primary result. However, there are people that are getting all kinds of different results from it. Blood sugar glucose balancing and stuff like that.

So this is cool because it’s a two-part product, there’s an AM and a PM. His reasoning is that your body does different things when sleeping than when it’s awake.

For example, when you’re sleeping, you don’t need energy. So instead of filling up a product with a bunch of stuff that you will utilize during the day but you have no use for at night. He puts in something that is much more beneficial for your body at night.

The blue is the PM. It will literally burn fat cells while you’re sleeping. So hey, why not? If you can wake up skinnier, why not?

This is the product that we went out to the Valentus convention in Vegas for. PLus Dr. Joe announced he’s going to officially partner with Valentus and bring his product line including Emulin.

And he’s launching this 24-7 product. It has now reached the warehouse and they will be taking orders and delivering product for everyone.

Dr. Joe Ahrens has officially made the announcement that he has partnered with Valentus and he’s bringing his product line including Emulin, his newest product 24-7 and another new product.

The newest product I’m not at liberty to say what that is yet. But it’s also going to kind of turn the internet upside down when people find out what because of the studies and the science and the proof of what it does.

Thanks for watching my video.

Go here for more 24-7 Carb Burner info

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