IoT Internet of Things Crash Course

>>> IoT Internet of Things Crash Course: Step by step is a course specially created for Electronic Geeks & Engineers who want to take their Electronics and Microcontroller Projects to the next level, adding Wifi, Bluetooth connectivity and more processor power while maintaining battery life  <<<

Welcome to this course.

The course lesson will explain “How to work on ESP32 Board by using C Language and the famous Arduino IDE development environment. This course will work best for you if your basic knowledge of Electronics and Arduino. You will learn how to interface the ESP32 Board with your Computer and Control it in no time.

ESP32 can be used in your Engineering projects, Industrial Projects, or IoT Home Automation related projects.

Why Learn ESP32?

If you an Engineering or Science student you might come across projects in which you want to control or monitor via internet, ESP32 with it’s Robust Design, Ultra-Low Power Consumption, High Level of Integration and Hybrid Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Chip is the best fit to get started in Internet of Things World.

We will explore:

  • Digital Output: Blinking a LED

  • Digital Input: Reading a Touch Sensor

  • Analog Input: Reading a variable voltage from a potentiometer

  • Analog Output: Controlling a LED brightness

  • Analog Output: Controlling a Servo Position

  • Reading Temperature/Humidity Data with a Digital sensor

  • Connecting to the Internet and getting local time

  • Receiving data from a simple local web page, turning on/off a LED

  • Transmitting data to a simple local webPage

At the end of this course, you can create Innovative IoT Projects. The only thing that you need to do is THINKING, WIRING & CODING.

More info at Udemy.com

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