Introduction to Internet of Things Using Raspberry Pi

This course is about Internet of Things Using Raspberry PI Which will Cover the Concepts of IoT and Paracticle Implementation of IoT Prototypes, follow the below details for more information about course.

IoT Section:

  1. Introduction to IoT

  2. IoT Architecture

  3. Sensors & Modules

  4. IoT Development Boards,

  5. Communication Protocols & Connectivity Methods

  6. IoT Clouds

  7. Real Time IoT Examples

  8. Real Demo of IoT Prototype

  9. IoT Related Communities.

Raspberry PI Section:

  1. Introduction To Raspberry PI

  2. Different types of Raspberry PI boards

  3. Physical Overview of Raspberry PI boards

  4. OS Supported By Raspberry PI & Installation of Noobs

  5. Final Setup of Raspberry PI for Parcticle Usage

  6. Raspberry PI Desktop Overview

  7. How to Install Software Via Command Line+ Installing VNC Server+ SSH + Apach

  8. Linux Basic Commands related to File System

  9. Raspberry PI Linux Nano Editor

  10. Raspberry PI Introduction to Python

Future Sections:

In Future i will cover the interaction of Raspberry PI with Different types of sensors & Modules and uploading their data to IoT Cloud.

Course is Designed For Beginners who don’t know what is Internet of Things and want to get started their research or profession in IoT.

More info at Udemy.com

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