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Online marketing means advertising and marketing using the internet to drive sales of a product or service. It can increase direct sales via electronic commerce, or it can generate sales leads from websites or emails. You can choose from a variety of specialized areas of internet marketing, including content marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing and using social media. Nowadays there are lots of opportunities to earn money online. Whether you’re looking to make money online full-time or you just want to supplement your income, you have a variety of options to choose from.

Building a website and attracting traffic to earn advertising revenue is a proven way to earn money online. However, for those who do not want the trouble of creating or maintaining a website, there are ways to make significant amounts of money online without one. This course covers a few of the more common ways of doing this. Looking for bucks in all the wrong places? Online surveys are a great way to pad your paycheck on your own time and with minimal effort. To find legitimate sites, go through the registration process, and become eligible to take surveys, follow these instructions in the course.

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