Internet : An Amazing Communication Technology in Your Life

On a given day, people around the world use Internet services:

Parents use a laptop computer to view the weather where their child lives, and are relieved to see the storm has passed. A family on vacation in Switzerland uses a smart phone to contact their home security system and see views of the interior of their home. Two friends keep in touch by posting a log of their activities for each other to view on a social media site. A group of company executives holds a meeting. Each sits in front of a computer that has a camera and microphone, and they see video of one another on their screens and hear each other’s voices. A company runs a computer program at the close of business each day that sends encrypted copies of the daily activity to multiple storage locations. A group of friends are on a road trip when bad weather closes the road. They use a smart phone to find a hotel room, and then use a map program on their smart phone to navigate to the hotel. An author finishes writing a short story, and publishes the story on a web site; readers around the world download a copy. Etc. The Internet is an amazing place.

In this course the Internet : An Amazing Communication Technology in Your Life, you see – History of the Internet, What is the Internet ?, WAN, LAN, Wireless LAN (WLAN), TCP/IP, IPv4 and IPv6, Routers, ISP, FTP, World Wide Web (WWW), URL and Browser. You will find the 70 Questions (objective type, 50 minutes). You can make your notes of all questions and you can find the excellent knowledge (answer available of all questions).

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