I Have A Physical Product Idea – Now What?

If you’ve found this course, you have an idea and we have a few questions for you…..

● Are you frustrated when you’ve seen a product on TV or in a store and thought “Hey, that was my idea months ago”?

● Are you a tinkerer that has thought of a fantastic new product idea, but have no understanding of what to do next or how to bring the product to life?

● Are you a parent that has found a way to make life easier with a new product idea, but don’t know if others would like that product too?

● Are you obsessed with Shark Tank, and those entrepreneurs that develop a simple, fantastic, new idea and are making millions? Your only response is “I wish I would have thought of that…so simple!”

● Have you been working on an idea for years, but haven’t been able to move it forward?

Are you ready to pursue your product dream?

Then let’s do this!!!



Let The Product Gurus be your guide with the Lightbulb to Launch Academy.

Lightbulb to Launch is a course for budding product entrepreneurs ready to blow up their idea into the next must-have product on shelves, sold across the U.S. and even the world! What is taught:

● Course, videos and materials

● Beyond business school, real-world, proven methods

● Real, hands on taking your idea and bringing it to reality

● Successful launch strategies

More info at Udemy.com

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