How YouTube is Changing Affiliate Marketing – Nick Nimmin Interview

Do you plan to start a Youtube channel soon? Want to double, or even TRIPLE, your YouTube affiliate marketing income? Meet Nick Nimmin who will help you grow your channel, get more subscribers and multiply your monthly profit through your Youtube channel.

Nick Nimmin has nearly 1 Million subscribers and his videos have had over 40 Million views. In this interview, find out his thoughts on YouTube SEO best practices, and how to actually make some serious money from the platform…

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In this video we’ll cover:
00:00 Introduction
00:37 What are you excited about right now?
01:31 How did you get started and where are you at today?
05:41 Why should marketers be paying attention to YouTube right now?
07:07 What does your earning breakdown look like?

**How to strategically enter to this niche**
08:11 First steps for getting starting in YouTube
11:52 Different types of video content used for affiliate marketing
15:55 What is the process for creating a review video?
17:41 Free products to review on video
18:37 What’s the best way to pitch from YouTube?
20:43 Is there a recommended way to pitch?
21:27 What is conversion like on YouTube?
26:32 Where to start if you already have websites and traffic
30:08 How videos are actually discovered on YouTube
37։25 What the strategy was for getting 1M+ views on videos
38:45 Basic steps to do for YouTube on-video optimization
40:55 Tips on increasing engagement
46:30 How important are channel subs?
49:20 How much easier it is to rank a website vs YouTube?
53:00 Is it better to make a channel all about a specific topic?
54:17 Commenting on Alex Becker’s style

**YouTube in the affiliate marketing game**
55:40 Are YouTube channel sold or flipped?
58:30 Having an effective channel without it being tied to a personal brand
1։00։45 Do you need a face for your channel?
1:02:05 How to find the right people
1:05:00 How do you protect against them leaving?
1:07:27 Advice on getting someone to help with scripting?
1:11:30 How much time from a single video take to produce
1:17:03 Examples of channels that really do affiliate well on YouTube
1:19:07 What actions should affiliate marketers avoid on YT at all costs?
1:23:43 How to protect yourself?

1:25:27 Backup plans in case something happens to the channel
1:26:10 What’s it like having nearly 1M subs?
1։28։20 What’s next for Nick?


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