How to Launch Your Product Using Email Marketing

How to Launch Your Product in 10 Days Using Email Marketing

Most product launch courses are expensive. Often $2000 or more! This one is free.

It’s simple. It’s focused. It’s effective.

This is the exact sequence and formula. I’ve used to launch more than 100 digital products using email. You can use it for personal product or affiliate products.

Why Email Launches?

In today’s works of never ending social media, email is a quiet place. Your readers can concentrate and absorb what you are saying and showing them.

Second, it’s the perfect place to build anticipation and to control exactly when your people see your messages.

Third, you can gauge how many people open, read and take action on your offers.

The 10 Day Product Launch Using Email Marketing

  • This course provides precise training on how to build anticipation. 
  • How to get people on your “early bird list” and provide extra incentive for them to order early.
  • What to do on those middle launch days when people are not as reactive.
  • How to leverage the final 24 hours for maximum sales.

You receive…

  • Video walk-thrus of each day of the sequence.
  • Worksheets for each day of your product launch.
  • Screen capture video taking your through the worksheets.

More info at Udemy.com

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