How to Land a Product Management Role

Ready to break into product management? Worried you don’t have the skills to crush (or even land) an interview? If so – you’re in the right place. My name is Kunal Thadani and as your instructor, I will teach you everything there is to know on “How to Land a Product Management Role”. After starting my career as a management consultant, I successfully broke into product management by mastering the basics – I’ve been in your shoes and am ready to give you the playbook on how to do the same. I have 7-8 years of experience in Product Management (formerly mobile gaming, dating (Head of Product at The League) and currently at Houzz).

Unlike other courses, my course will teach you the tactical execution to get the interview, crush the take home, and impress your interviewers. We will focus on real life examples so that by the end of the course, you can apply these frameworks to your current job, an upcoming interview, or your overall job search.

Learn the secrets behind the product management interview, get noticed, and land multiple job offers. Even if you don’t have prior product management experience this course will go into the details on how to gain experience shipping products without a full-time product management role.

Major Topics we are going to cover:

  • How to succeed even without any prior product experience

  • Mastering phone interviews and drilling into specifics of your past role

  • Learn how to give the perfect answer to behavioral questions

  • Learn how to Use the STAR Format

  • Structuring your take home interview and clearly articulating the product problems & solutions

  • Deep Dive into the On-Site Interview & Review in detail each type of Question to expect

  • How to properly convey & communicate at the on-site interview to lock in the offer

  • Finding the Right Product Role

More info at Udemy.com

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