How to Get Started with Content Marketing + Content Writing

B2B Content Marketing and Content Writing for Digital Marketing

Welcome to the course for improving your digital marketing results with content marketing and content writing. This 4-part series gives you a digital marketing success story you can learn from.

  • 4-Part Course with Guided Worksheets
    Each video in this course includes active learning. You get a worksheet to immediately apply what you learn in each lesson. These tools will help you develop your own unique product marketing formula.

  • 9-Step Process for Content Marketing + Content Writing
    You’ll learn a 9-step process for reaching your marketing and sales goals with content marketing and copywriting.


“We continue to be impressed with your research and methodical preparation. We’re excited for the outcome. Please continue to provide your input and ideas.”

– Wes Marsh, Marketing Director, eRep CPQ Software for Manufacturers and Distributors

Why a Course on Content Marketing and Content Writing for Digital Marketing?

A hard truth about B2B digital marketing marketing is you won’t get far without great B2B copy and content. No one knows this better than me. Back in 2006 I was selling enterprise software the old way – by phone. After overcoming all the exhaustion of cold calling, following up and finally getting meetings, I’d run into the most frustrating objection of all, “I want to think about it.”

The good news is that content marketing now helps prospects “think about it,” for you. It eliminates objections in advance so salespeople can focus on what they do best – create custom solutions and close sales. So, why do so many B2B firms still struggle to get sales? They have gaps in their sales process.

The Hidden Problem B2B Digital Marketers Face

It’s the blinds spots that are the problem areas in your marketing. If you could eliminate them, you’d be able to increase your sales. This course shows you how. It reveals where your gaps are and how to fill them in. Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll know where to get answers to the following questions:

  • Who are my prospects?

  • What do they want?

  • Where are my gaps?

  • How can I fill them?

  • How can I improve my results?

What Your Customers Really Want

Before the internet arrived, there were few ways to sell B2B products and services other than cold calling. Not only was cold calling a lot of work, you could easily waste time. Calling the wrong prospects or making the wrong offer was common. And at a huge cost.

Content marketing and content writing can eliminate this problem. But some B2B marketers are now wasting even more time and money on content. And they’re making the same mistakes. Content fails when it’s off target or too product-centric. Let’s face it. Readers aren’t interested in your offer, at least not initially. They mostly care about solving their problem. There’s no point in creating product-focused content that gets ignored.

What’s Going on in Your Prospect’s Mind

Your buyers have questions at each stage in their journey. The only reason they want to “think about it,” is because they don’t have the answers. In fact, they may not even know the questions. You can create the right content when you know what your buyer’s challenges are. Then your salespeople can use your content to help prospects buy.

At the early-stage buyer’s are unclear about their problem. Mid-stage they’re worried about what could go wrong. And just before they buy they’re trying to avoid making the wrong decision. The right content can expedite their journey.

Early-stage Buyer Questions

  • Why should I care

  • What happens if we do nothing?

  • What are our competitors doing?

  • Who needs to be involved?

  • Can we fix it internally?

Mid-stage Buyer Questions

  • What else could go wrong?

  • What else does it affect?

  • What do I need to know?

  • What are the best practices?

  • What are my choices?

  • What’s our total cost of ownership?

Late Stage Buyer Questions

  • What are the risks?

  • How do we get everyone to agree?

  • What trade-offs can we agree to?

  • What will the future look like?

What This Course Will Teach You to Do

Define Content Marketing Success
You’ll never reach your digital marketing goals unless you can first define success. This course teaches you how to identify your content marketing goals and the mistakes to avoid so you can create more digital engagement.

Plan Your Content Marketing + Content Writing
Most content marketing or content writing is a guess. This course will teach you how to make an educated guess you can build on with audience insights, context for the piece and thoughts on how to articulate your expected results.

Develop Effective Content Marketing + Content Writing
There are specific steps you can take to ensure you’ve created high-performance B2B copy or content. This course will walk you through each one.

How to Influence Your Markets with Content Marketing
You need a steady flow of audience feedback to adjust your marketing materials so they have the right impact. This course will point you in the right direction for doing that.

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