How to find unique memorable name for your brand or products

Starting a business or building a brand or even creating a new product … You have to find a sticky memorable and unique name.

Naming your products,  nowadays, seems to be confusing especially when try to figure a unique new name.

But you can find a name that is memorable and unique when you follow this course system.

There are three main phases to choose a name of your product

1- The first stage is the Pre-naming phase and collecting your naming assets. (Worksheet included for you to fill so that this step can be done in minutes with no headache or wondering)

2- The second stage is the Creative Naming stage …. this stage is all about Productive creativity. using pen and paper plus many free online tools to generate 100s of unique names in less than an hour.

3- The Third stage is the Post-creative stage…. this stage is to ensure that the name you’ve chosen is the perfect name that will resonate with your customers.

The last lecture in this course is all about writing a slogan for your brand Plus I’ll give you seven proven formulas for writing your slogan and also naming your info-products.

Enroll Now in ‘How to find unique memorable name for your brand or products?’ Course to Learn

  • How to find a memorable, sticky, unique name and write slogan for your brand or product using marketing Psychology & neuroscience?

  • Why Google or CocaCola names are sticky and memorable?

  • How to apply the neuroscience (for memory) and Psychology to find a unique sticky name?

  • How to have your brand naming and slogan writing assets ready and set to go?

  • What are the tools and creative brainstorming techniques that will guarantee you find ten unique names?

  • How you can use customers psychology in naming your brand and ensure their loyalty to your name?

  • What are the 7 formulas for slogan writing you can use plus real world examples?

So if you are confusing about choosing your brand name or naming your products … Enroll today in this course, Steal 30 minutes from your day to listen to the course and do the exercises and in less than a day you can find your next business name.

See you inside the course.

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