How to find the right product to sell on Etsy?

Life’s too short to invest time in products that nobody wants!

So we have created a course for the first step you have to do when starting an Etsy shop. Which is finding out what is in demand on Etsy, what kind of product niches there are and which are profitable. What are the products that people are buying, and define what is the product I have to make to be competitive and be able to achieve my financial goals! 

This course is created by 3 authors – 2 very successful Etsy shop owners  and 1 entrepreneur/mentor, who knows how to translate their 6 year experience on Etsy into actionable steps that students are willing and able to complete! 

Edite Klidzeja
Laila Masa
Mikus Losans

The course have been created based on a 1 year experience of organizing physical in-class courses on starting an Etsy Business. We have had around 200 graduates and 6 seasons (in every 2 months). In these physical courses we were able to learn every season and improve the course in next seasons. 

Course Consists of 3 main parts:
1. Defining your goal;
2. Doing market research;
3. Defining your product and it’s uniqueness;

In the end of the course you will define a product that you want to create and that is profitable and in demand. You will also have feedback from course creators about your product that you have found. 

More info at Udemy.com

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