How to Ace the Product Manager Interview

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Have you been trying to land a product manager interview? Or have you gone through the interview process and not gotten a job offer? Or have you felt stressed out and not known how to answer difficult product manager interview questions? Hi, I’m Matt, a Product Manager at Google, and I have felt these exact same frustrations as you have. And for that reason I have created this course specifically to help you land your dream job as a product manager. In order to help you succeed in your PM interview I have broken down interview questions into four different types: product design, estimation, analytical, and behavioral questions. For each question type I’ll give you a framework and a structured approach for how to answer these questions. I also give you three practice questions for each section where I will personally walk through how I would approach and answer each of these questions. After you complete this course you will feel totally confident in any interview question that you get asked during the PM interview process. In addition to teaching you how to crush the PM interview I’ve also added a bonus section that will teach you how to land PM interviews. This course comes with a 30 day money guarantee so there’s no risk to sign up. If you’re ready to land your dream job as a product manager now is the time to act. I’ll see you inside the course!

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