How Online Customer Reviews Can Help Your SEO

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The internet is an enormous place filled with millions and millions of websites. Competing in such a massive world can be daunting for small business owners trying to promote their local shops. Did you know customer reviews and local search engine optimization (SEO) go hand in hand? Let’s explore how those shiny stars can help improve SEO for your business.

Why do customer reviews matter?
Consumers read online reviews on a regular basis, and most of them wouldn’t even consider using a business if its rating was two stars or less. This is largely because reviews provide the ever-important “social proof,” or evidence that other people have entrusted a brand with their money and personal data — and have been satisfied with the result.

The good news is, your company does not have to do much of the work except encourage customers to leave their favorable impressions about your business on one or more of the leading customer review sites.

How do customer reviews improve SEO?
When reviews appear on a product page and display in search, it can better catch the attention of searchers, increase click-through-rates (CTRs), and drive more website traffic.

So if these consumers expect the best companies to show up, they wouldn’t a search engine like Google need customer reviews to determine if a business deserves to show up in the search results? In fact, multiple research studies have found that collecting and replying to customer reviews is critical to your local SEO.

How to ask for customer reviews
We’ve established the importance of customer reviews, especially on Google My Business, but what are the best ways to ask for reviews? Asking for Google reviews involves much more than a short conversation every time a customer leaves your store. You have to account for the power the internet has for requesting feedback about the performance of your company.

Customers love to see their names behind engaging and informative reviews posted online. Here are just a few ways to generate more reviews online.

Ask when your customer is in a good mood
Don’t be afraid to come out and ask your customers for reviews. Figure out a way to ask your clients if they’ll take a minute and share their experience, so you can help others find their dream homes too.

Remind your customers in your email signature
If you think about it, people see your email signature again and again and again. It’s like a tiny billboard in their inbox.

Create your own review landing page
The easier you make it for customers to leave reviews, the more likely they will be to do so. That means taking the time to understand your audience so you can provide them with opportunities to review your products on the platforms they most prefer to use.

Encourage customers to leave reviews using a medium with which they’re comfortable. However, don’t make customers search to find the right place to leave a review. Create one page on your site that explains to customers how to leave feedback. Include links to the pages and platforms where you’d like to generate reviews. For example, if your Google Business page needs reviews, direct users to that platform.

You now know that generating high-quality reviews requires a fair amount of effort and strategic thinking. But, the energy you invest in encouraging people to leave reviews is well worth it.

It will pay off in the form of greater visibility and customers who are more willing to move purchases through to fruition. So put these strategies to work and start generating more reviews and selling more products today.

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