How I Get Regular, Genuine Customer Reviews For My Business

The fact that my business gets regular, quality and authentic customer generated reviews is no accident and in this short course I will guide you through the steps I took to create and setup this review system. By working through the step by step lessons in this course you will – hopefully – be inspired to look at the possibilities of setting up a similar system for your own business.

Roll back the clock a few years and feedback from customers in our small business was outstanding, but was frustratingly being heard only by our office staff taking calls. It didn’t seem to matter what we asked customers to do they simply weren’t going public with their thoughts. Something had to change – I knew how influential their comments would be on the buying decisions of new customers.

I now know that the processes to create a semi – automatic system that delivers quality reviews week in week out can be time consuming to create and involve a variety of technologies and skills, but, now that the system is setup it takes me no longer than 10 minutes to respond to each review, and the benefits are outstanding!

The is all part of a well planned strategy based on sound communication principals, proven marketing techniques and a deep understanding and empathy towards the customer’s position.

The reviews that we receive help us grow by assisting customers with their buying decisions. It has also helped us to speed up the – Know Like & Trust – journey that a new customer embarks on when they first decide to buy from a new business.

The proof is out their and I invite you to Google “Top Nosh Meals Beerwah” and check out our reviews page.

The course covers the basic concepts of communication and looks in detail at several marketing principals when creating copy for emails. It does not however cover the technical details of landing page creation or promotional videos – that my review system uses.

More info at Udemy.com

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