How I Get Free Stuff Writing Product Reviews

When you shop on Amazon, how often do you read reviews? All the time, right? That’s because product reviews are an integral part of online shopping, and they help product sellers ensure that buyers are going to trust their brands.

Now, some of those product reviewers are just average Joes who bought the product and shared their thoughts. Some of those reviewers, though, especially those with multiple product reviews, received a free item, that same item that you’re considering buying, in exchange for their review.

I’m one of those guys who writes reviews of things that people are sending me for free. No shipping costs, no sales tax, nothing. I get free stuff, delivered to my door. I try it, and I spend 10 minutes writing a simple review, and I keep that item forever.

In 2018, I received $6,000 of free products from just one of the many sources I use.

I can teach you how to get free stuff too. You’ll do just like me – you’ll get things, write a short review, and maybe even sell those products back to make a little profit – and you can do it with just a few minutes a day.

Are you interested in finding out how to do it? Give this course a shot!

  • If you are interested in building a home-based business, this is one of the easiest. You’ll get free stuff even if you are not very successful, and if you are, the sky’s the limit on how much you can earn!

  • If you’re a writer, this course can show you how to turn your skill into a profitable business.

  • If you’re just an average person with a computer and a little spare time on your hands, you too could be getting free stuff delivered to you on a daily basis.

This is a fun, profitable pastime that can be as large or as small as you need it to be to fit your lifestyle.

You could get started with this today with nothing more than a computer and two hours to watch all of these videos.

I’ll show you everything there is to know about writing product reviews for fun and profit.

  • Lecture 1 is an introduction to the course. I’ll tell you how I got started, show you a small amount of the free stuff I’ve received lately, and

  • Lecture 2 is about selecting products, and building a successful profile. I’ll also show you how to sign up for websites and companies who are giving things away for free on a daily basis.

  • Lecture 3 is a brief overview of the writing process. I’ll discuss the process in broad strokes, then we’ll interview my daughter about a $40 toy we received for free, and I’ll even write the review live on camera, where I’ll discuss the choices I made.

  • Lecture 4 is a few ideas I have about making your reviews better.

  • Lecture 5 is about how to ensure that you’re invited to the secret inner circle of free product giveaway websites, and discusses the methods of getting invited to major companies’ email lists. When there’s something available for free, you’ll be first on the list to get it!

  • Lecture 6 is about monetizing your product reviewing hobby, and potentially turning it into a career.

There’s no time like the present. Get started with product reviewing today!

More info at Udemy.com

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