How Google Docs API will help businesses process paperwork faster

The Google Docs API—now generally available—can help businesses keep work flowing between the documents and apps used every day, increasing efficiency, Google announced in a Monday blog post.

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Businesses deal with documents including invoices, proposals, contracts, and reports every day. However, the workflows needed to run a business often connect to content and services that live outside of these documents, the post noted. The Google Docs API aims to help by allowing businesses to, for example, generate invoices automatically and programmatically add information like order numbers when a balance is due, the post said.

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The API can also be used to import and export documents from a content management system (CMS), allowing for collaboration within Docs without leaving the system. It can also be used to make programmatic edits to the same document over time, or multiple documents at once, to reduce errors and cut down review time.

Google first announced the Google Docs API at Cloud Next 2018 with a developer preview. Since then, the tech giant has worked with several partners to automate G Suite workflows.

These include Zapier—with the Docs API, you can create, collaborate, and share dynamic documents using Docs templates and a few workflow rules. For example, an HR manager can use the same template for offer letters, and the API will automatically populate details. Netflix is also using the Docs API to automate engineer response processes to more quickly obtain data and automate documentation, saving time for more strategic work, according to the post.

“The Docs API makes it easy to automate common word processing tasks, with the added perk of real-time editing and collaboration that’s already built into the Docs app,” the post said. “With this addition, G Suite now has a complete set of APIs for Docs, Sheets, and Slides.”

Companies interested in gettings started can check out the Docs API website for documentation, demos, and code samples.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • The Google Docs API can help businesses speed workflows between documents and apps.
  • The Google Docs API can help automate common word processing tasks with the real-time editing and collaboration built into G Suite.

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