Hardware Product Management

Hardware Product Academy is offering an online product management course on bringing hardware products to market. The course is taught by an experienced and seasoned Product Manager who has delivered many successful products and has generated several billion dollars of revenue. By using real world product experiences and examples, this course provides all the skills for existing and new product managers to take the next step in your Product Management journey. The course takes everyone through a full product development cycle encompassing all the key concepts along with a business case. After every class, you will take the concepts that you learnt and apply to real world problems in order to get more practical experience. At the same time, the course will be using several hardware products as real world examples to be apply to all the concepts.

The following concepts are taught in the course –

  • Class 1 – Course Introduction, Market Research and Estimation, Product Requirements

  • Class 2 – Product Life cycle, Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

  • Class 3 – Business Case – Key Metrics

  • Class 4 – Operations

  • Class 5 – Pricing

  • Class 6 – Go-To-Market and Channel Strategy

Come learn from the experienced leaders in order to make a huge difference in the world with this exciting course by becoming great Product Managers!

More info at Udemy.com

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