Growth Marketing 101 – strategies for growing any business

Growth Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for growing an audience, community or customer base in a dynamic market with resource constraints. The need for growth marketers has exploded over the past several years. Born out of the concepts around Growth Hacking popularized by Sean Ellis and others, Growth Marketing has emerged as the biggest trend for both high-growth startups trying to ramp their revenue quickly, and for more established firms who are looking to improve the ways they go to market and connect with potential buyers.

This course is the starting place for students or professionals who are trying to improve their marketing skillset by learning all about Growth Marketing basics and how to apply them to their own organizations. In this Growth Marketing 101 course, you’ll get a brief history of traditional marketing, learn what growth marketing it is and why it’s different, and then get into the specific practices that modern marketers employ to help their companies scale up and out.

This course is taught by a senior marketing executive with over 15 years of real-world marketing experience. 

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