Get Hired as a Product Manager | Applying & Interviewing

The role of “Product Manager” is currently one of the fastest growing, most in demand, and best paid positions in the entire tech industry.

Fastest growing: Companies are expected to hire an additional 2,000 Product Managers this year, and this rate of hiring is expected to grow +20% for every year afterwards (Glassdoor currently ranks Product Manager as the #4 hottest hiring position in the US).

In Demand: There are currently over 3,000 open Product Management positions in companies all over the world

Best Paid: Product Managers get paid on average $112,000 a year, with some companies paying closer to $192,000 a year even for junior level positions. This is on par with software engineers (!) despite the role being entirely non-technical.

Do you want to become a Product Manager?

If so, you’ll have to navigate the notoriously difficult application and interview process.

Take home case studies, brain teasers, and multiple rounds of interviews are typical if you want to get hired for any Product position.

How you tackle these hiring challenges makes all the difference, and we’re here to guide you through the entire process step-by-step.

A successful Product Management application doesn’t just consist of knowing the right answers and what questions to expect.

To truly maximize your chances of landing the role, we took a holistic approach to the entire process: finding suitable roles, building your brand prior to applying, submitting applications, getting the interview, researching companies pre-interview, acing the interview, completing take-home work, and then deciding on the best offer.

What’s included in the course?

We’ll take you through the entire process for finding, applying to, and acing the interview for a Product Management position.

We’ll cover:

  • How to think like and get inside the mindset of a Product Manager before you even start the process

  • How to find the right companies & positions to apply for

  • How to optimize your resume / C.V., and cover letter for getting Product Manager interviews

  • How to research and prepare for each Product Manager interview

  • How to complete case studies and take-home work, if needed

  • How to tackle the big 5 types of Product Manager interview question types: behavioral, product creation, estimation, analytical, & instructional.

  • How to impress your interviewers by reverse interviewing them and ask good questions

  • How to follow-up post interview and spot any red flags that might change your mind about the role

  • How to hit the ground running when you do get a job offer and start your Product Manager role

Included as bonuses:

• A full mock interview (Apple) with walkthrough instruction from beginning to end

• 2 interviews with students that recently were hired as a Product Manager where they share insider tips

• A full interview with a Product team lead in charge of hiring for all Product Roles

• A full walkthrough of Product Creation / Design question (1 hour long)

This course is perfect for those applying to their first Product Manager role, as well as anyone interested in transitioning internally to Product AND existing Product Managers who want to apply for a new Product role either internally or externally.

Why learn from us?

We’ve successfully helped over 148,000 students learn about Product Management, and over 1,000 students get hired or transition into a Product Management role at companies like Airbnb, Google, Facebook, Spotify, Oracle, IBM, and Amazon.

Our courses on Product Management are the largest in the world, with a community of over 100,000 prospective and current Product Managers enrolled.

Your primary instructor, Cole Mercer, has been a Senior Product Manager at companies like Soundcloud, Bonobos, and Mass Relevance. He’s interviewed 40+ times for Product Management roles for companies like Google, Facebook, Palantir, Netflix, and even Udemy.

Your instructors

Cole Mercer has been a Senior Product Manager at Soundcloud, Bonobos, Mass Relevance, and has taught the Product Management course at General Assembly in Manhattan, NYC. He is now a full-time Product Management and Strategy consultant.

Evan Kimbrell is a top rated Udemy instructor with numerous courses focused on Entrepreneurship. His courses have over 630,000 enrolled students and more than 32,000 five star reviews. For the past few years, he has also been running a digital agency that has produced over 100 web and mobile products for Fortune 500 companies and startups.

More info at Udemy.com

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