Free Funnel Friday – Affiliate Marketing Product Review Plus Bonus – Built with ClickFunnels

In this week’s Free Funnel Friday I am giving you access to one of the best affiliate marketing funnels I’ve ever used!

Affiliate marketing is my favorite type of passive income stream. I create review videos of products that I am an affiliate for, offer a bonus if the visitor buys the product through my affiliate link, and BOOM super high conversions.

The best thing about this funnel is you create one short review video and then have what looks like an order form that illustrates your bonus.

That’s it.

Sleek. Simple. High converting.

In this video I also give you some tips on creating an effective review video as well as the best bonuses to create.

This funnel was built in ClickFunnels (more info about ClickFunnels is below). That means it is super easy to change elements and duplicate the funnel and use it for as many affiliate promos as you like.

If you don’t have ClickFunnels you can get a 14-day trial by clicking the link below. And if you don’t want to use ClickFunnels you can model our funnel with whatever website builder you want. However, the code will not work as it was specifically created to work with CF.

So if you have affiliate products you want to promote more effectively then this is the funnel for you.

Download it, customize it and start growing your affiliate income!

It’s yours to download for free now.

Here is a demo of the funnel:

Main Page:

Download Page with Offer Wall:

Click the link below to download the funnel now:

What is ClickFunnels and why is this free funnel built with it?

Clickfunnels is the #1 software on the planet that allows you to easily and quickly create powerful and high converting sales and marketing funnels. And its so easy to use that even the technology challenged are using it to grow their businesses fast!

ClickFunnels allows you to generate leads, sell your products, use follow-up funnels to keep your followers engaged plus much more.

We built this free funnel using Clickfunnels because of everything stated above. We did it in just a few hours! How’s that for fast and easy.

You can get a free 14-day trial of Clickfunnels by clicking the free funnel link above or by clicking this link:

Disclaimer: Some of the links provided contain our affiliate links to products or services. We may receive a commission for any purchases made through these links.

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