FLP का काला सच | Forever Living Products SCAM | Must Check Before Join FLP

FLP means forever living products which is based in USA but working in almost all Countries. Today I discussed the actual truth behind this legal scam running in india.

FLP all products are available in open market at 60% to 70% discount without any joining in company, but in FLP you will get these products on max 13% discount.

FLP have good products and profile but leadership is worst. FLP leaders always give wrong information to their prospects and miss guide. In forever living products Actual joining amount is Rs. 30,000 but they mislead the prospect and said the joining amount is Rs. 1500 Only.

You can do personal purchase of Rs. 60,000 (4cc) every month for team bonus. Means you earned Rs. 20,000 this month but for that amount you have to purchase personal products of Rs.60,000

In Forever living products leaders try to attract beginners and specially students with their expensive cars. They only know how to attract people, they never talk amount real challenges which people faced in market.

According to me FLP company is good But if we talk amount leaders ship its worst. So its my humble request if you plan to join FLP Must check and understand the whole plan

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