Evergreen Wealth Formula Review Warning – Do Not Buy Until You see This [IMPORTANT]

Here’s the additional proof mentioned in the video:

(Read the 8th comment by “federal06” if you don’t want to read the entire thread)

Hey what’s up, guys… James here 🙂

I’ve shot this video because I’m getting multiple emails about this so I figured I’d address it in this video.

Basically, there’s a ton of fake Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews out there.

And it’s not just happening to my product but every single product in the internet marketing niche too.

These “review” sites are basically trying to direct you to another product called “Wealthy Affiliate”.

But here’s the thing…

Not one of these sites have ever had access to my course, the Evergreen Wealth Formula, or any of the other products they claimed to have in their reviews for that matter.

I even back this up with proof in the video, plus, I even share a link where I show you others talking about these fake review sites too.

If you haven’t seen the link yet, here it is:

Checkout the 8th comment by “federal06” and you’ll see that these sites should be ignored as they’ve never had access to the products they’re reviewing and just trying to make money by redirecting through their affiliate link to Wealthy Affiliate.

Anyway, if you’ve got any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you and do my best to answer your questions for you.

Till then, stay awesome my friend 🙂

James Scholes

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