Entrepreneurship & Internet Marketing Question & Answer! Plus Live Funnel Reviews…

Do you need help with your marketing funnel? looking for ideas or a critique to make your sales funnel convert better?

This video is packed with nearly 2 hours of real life examples and reviews that clearly illustrate the best practices when building your sales funnels

Even though this video is already recorded there are dozens of knowledge bombs found in analyzing other people’s funnel reviews.

You will pick up many funnel hacks that you can apply directly to your marketing in order to increase conversions on your funnels.

If you’ve not built out your first sales funnel yet, or you’re trying to figure out what platform to use to put it all together… Be sure you check out my DIY sales funnel video series that walks you through the entire process.

You can access that here:

In addition to sales funnel reviews and best practices, we talk a lot about Facebook pay per click advertising and other forms of advertising.

I answer the question of “Miles if you had $200 to your name and needed $1000 per month what would you do?”

We also talked a lot about the right and wrong way to approach affiliate marketing and email list building.

When I was first building my funnels and beginning to scale my Internet business, I found a membership where someone did these kinds of funnel reviews…

This membership is no longer available in the videos are gone today, but I watched every minute of every video and absorbed an incredible amount of marketing knowledge through understanding how the best practices of marketing apply to different niches.

In fact, in the eight months of that course… I only submit my funnel for review twice because I was learning so much about marketing, copywriting, sales funnels that I could apply what was being taught to others to my funnel.

I mention this because this is now of recorded video that was once live and it’s important to understand the value that is still here and available to you if you put in the time to go through these questions and understand the answers.

If you have not yet joined my email list which is the one place I always notify before doing of you to live, you can gain access to my list here:

You will also receive a Facebook advertising case study where I show you every single step in my funnel and the Facebook ad campaigns that I’ve used to drive nearly 14,000 leads per month.

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