Entrepreneur Masterclass for Inventions and Business Ideas

You are one great idea away from success, wealth, and freedom by creating the business of your dreams. Take our course, created by a millionaire entrepreneur.

Why our process works:

  • We provide easy-to-follow step-by-step courses that will save you thousands.

  • We give you a timeline of your progress and each course will walk you through the inventing and business development process.

  • Created by a millionaire entrepreneur with a year of success and failure.

  • Each course contains years of experience and lessons from our CEO and self-made millionaire.

  • Your idea is your idea. We don’t want anything in return.

  • Unlike other inventor and business creation companies, we don’t want anything from the success of your idea.

As entrepreneurs, inventors, and visionaries, our team has experienced first-hand, all of the challenges of turning an idea into a reality. Ed Ramirez, the founder of The Entrepreneur Project has also experienced the benefits of transforming an idea into a product or business. He has experienced all of the hardships that come with inventing a product or starting a business and he has a whole host of knowledge that we are now able to share with you today. By launching The Entrepreneur Project, we want to help other motivated individuals by sharing all of our hard-earned knowledge. We know the joy of living life at 100% as an entrepreneur and we want to help others with the same vision to achieve their own success.

Topics we teach:

  • Manufacturing Feasibility

  • Business Funding

  • Patent Pitfalls

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Shipping Logistics

  • Product Naming

  • Selling Your Invention

  • What Patent Pending Means

  • Go-to-market Plan

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Website Design

  • 3D Cad Design

  • Should you Manufacture in China?

More info at Udemy.com

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