Effective Product Management

Product management is very central and important to any company that deal in production of product or sell product to his/her target audience. The management of any product need a detail plan and strategy to ensure that the product is very successful in the market place. Competition is very keen in this global economy, now the world is one village so its very difficult to enjoy monopoly.

The fundamental point here is that you cannot manage, a product until you develop a product in the first place, the development, goes through various process but first it important we data about the market so research and development is very central to product development. The process of new product development goes through eight stage before it becomes a product itself, they are idea generation, idea screening, concept development and testing, business analysis, marketing strategy development, product development, test marketing and commercialization. The product life cycle can start from here, then the said product can be managed.

Good product management is keen to the success of the product hence you need a skillful and a committed team to manage the product, which should involved strategies such as line pruning, line filling strategy, line featuring etc. This strategies and more will ensure the success of the product.

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