eCommerce SEO Copywriting

Ideal for online sellers

In this course, you will learn how to craft a well-written and optimized listing for your product on Amazon or any other eCommerce platform. This is crucial for your business, because an effective product listing will, sooner rather than later, find its way to the first page of search results where it can obtain more sales and higher revenue for you.

Ideal for freelance or professional copywriters

“All great copywriters start by mastering the art of product description.” This is a decades-old saying in the marketing industry that still makes the rounds today because it’s true. So, if becoming a great copywriter is your goal, then start here.

Ideal for anyone looking to learn a new, profitable skill in 2020!

The future looks bright for online shopping, and it’s looking bright for online work as well. Can you see yourself doing rewarding digital work as someone who enhances the online buying and selling experience of thousands of people?

You will find plenty of insight and practical tips in this tutorial on how to write a product listing copy that really sells.

From the Instructor:

“I have worked for years with several Amazon sellers as their product listing copywriting specialist. I write listings and product descriptions across different categories and several products. And even though I’ve been doing it for years now, the feeling of accomplishment is still there every time I write a new listing that very soon generates purchases; or every time I take a poorly written listing and optimize it, and it eventually ranks higher than the previous listing and sells more of the product.”

More info at Udemy.com

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