Dropship UNTAPPED Products NO ONE ELSE is Dropshipping!

Have You Considered…

Dropshipping Products NO ONE ELSE Is Dropshipping?

Unlock The Key To Success By Utilizing China’s LARGEST ONLINE MARKETPLACE!

This course is for you if:

  • You are a Dropshipper or E-commerce store owner who is sick and tired of competing in the rat race

  • You realise the model is full of flaws and holes

  • You recognise that it makes ZERO sense to “TEST” products that everyone and their mom are “TESTING”

  • You want to find untapped products

  • You want to target products that no dropshipper would dare look at on Aliexpress

  • You want an edge in this highly volatile business

  • You do not want to take part in a bidding war on ad space with competitors

However… if you prefer to stick to what the YouTube “Gurus” say and follow a traditional path, then this training is simply not for you!


Everyone seems to be dropshipping. It is the “viral trend” of business models. This has caused a large influx of YouTube “Guru’s” who all seem to blurt out the same script. “Don’t reinvent the wheel, find the beginning of a trend and ride the wave of success. Once you become successful, focus on becoming a brand”.

Although this advice is safe and easy to follow, its a flawed concept. Have you ever wondered, who creates a trend? How do they know a product will trend? how are the price points set as they are? who decides this?

Well, you! That’s right, I am Tamara, a sourcing agent and I will teach you the tricks of the trade. I will teach you China’s best-kept secret. What if I told you Aliexpress is aimed at foreigners and is massively overpriced? What if I told you Aliexpress is only a drop in the ocean of what really lays ahead?

This is no joke. I will teach you a new research method that will allow you to identify trending products in China, before they trend on Aliexpress.

What is this secret? China’s largest online marketplace, Taobao. A fabulous sea of addictive online shopping that will allow you access to a platform that only local Chinese residents have access to. What does this mean for you?

– YOU are able to source products at the same price points as the local Chinese market

– YOU are able to identify trending products before they reach Aliexpress.

– YOU will be in charge of your shipping and fulfilment options. This means FASTER shipping if you choose to do so.

– YOU will be able to have conversational interactions with the sellers- YOU DO NOT need to know Chinese!

What Are The Current Problems With Dropshipping?

– Everyone is competing against the same products

– Everyone is in a bidding war for ad space because they are all
bidding for the same keywords and the same products

– People are using the same spy tools for insight

– The majority of people are following the herd and not thinking
outside the box

– Not many people are willing to invest in their own E-commerce

– Wasting money on ads for “testing” products that can already be

– Too much guesswork and high risk

– Your success is based on your budget


– Remove yourself from the race and dropship untapped products

– No need to be in a bidding war if you are one of the first to
advertise a product!

– We are just launching this initiative. We started with a Beta group
and you will see a case study below! AMAZING! You will be one of
the founding members of this initiative

– You will be doing things differently from the norm. You will be
unique by utilizing China’s largest online marketplace

– Learn new skills that won’t ever expire when algorithms change

– You will advertise products already proven with high reviews and
are HOT in China therefore not wasting so much money on ads

– Take the guesswork out of product research and significantly
lower your financial risk

– Your success is no longer determined by your budget, rather your
ability to use untapped products to your advantage

Get ready to give yourself an unfair advantage with a lifelong skill that will never expire when the algorithm changes. This skill can be used for dropshipping, Amazon FBA, wholesale, B2B and brick and mortar stores. Join our many successful clients who have undertaken the training and have gotten exceptional results.

See you on the inside 🙂

More info at Udemy.com

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