Digital Product Creation & Launch Masterclass

Hey there.

How would you like to develop the digital product design and sales skills just like the top internet marketers, and make MORE money in a month than what you’re making right now in a year? I’m not saying everyone can do this, but those who hone their technical skills can most certainly have the best chance.

In Digital Product Creation & Launch Masterclass you will learn everything from developing your ideas to how to create digital products in many forms and launch them online for sale.

Compound your results…

… Without putting in more effort?

This might sound unbelievable, but BELIEVE it.

Because ordinary folks like you and me are making an extraordinary income right now simply by putting a different ‘twist’ to how they sell their digital products.

Which is a stark contrast to most other people struggling to see even mediocre results!

This isn’t entirely your fault, though.

It’s just that you have yet to crack the code.

And in just a few minutes from now, you will discover how to achieve that breakthrough you’ve been desperately looking for!

  • LEVERAGE – Make more money for the same effort!

  • EXPERT STATUS – Catapult yourself into any niche and become the go-to expert overnight!

  • BUYER LEADS – Build your super targeted, hyper responsive list at warp speed!

  • MORE OPTIONS – Consider this a stepping stone to greater things to come…

If you like the sound of everything I’ve just mentioned then you’re in for a treat!

Because if you’ve been struggling to make just some money online…

Or you’re looking to break out of the ‘status quo’ and start making serious money like the marketing stars you know…

Your search ends here.

I will show you how to launch your digital product and get yourself properly positioned to making money online.

  • Irresistible Offer Creation Secrets

How to make people not be able to resist your offer? You must make it as great as possible for them not be able to reject your offer. If they rejected, it’s their lost. I will reveal to you how to create a “No-Brainer” offer.

  • Create Digital Products with Your iPhone

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smart phone. Whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone, the techniques are about the same. You need to go no further than your phone to start creating, editing, and selling your digital products. I show you in 30-Plus over-the-shoulder video lectures exactly how to do this. This is training that no one else is sharing.

  • Sales Letter Formula

A piece of good and convincing sales letter will be able to pull in a lot of sales. However, there are 3 different ways to present your sales letter, it’s in either pure copy, video copy or hybrid. Also, I will guide you on how to come out with a good selling angle to achieve more sales!

  • How to Create Marketing Materials

A high-quality product needs effective marketing materials for it to reach a larger crowd of people (It means more sales!). I will teach you how to write promotional emails. Besides, banner is important to be used as your promotional tools. So, I will teach you how to create them in 5 different sizes to suit your needs.

  • Epic Sales Funnel Secrets for Epic EPCs

Sales funnel is an essential in product launching. If you want to earn more from your product, you need to set up a series of sales funnel to earn more from your upsell and backend. I will teach you specifically how to do it with effective methods.

  • How to Win the JV Building Game

JV is important for your product launch as you need them to promote your product for you with their mailing list. I will teach you in details how and where to recruit JV to join your launch.

  • Launch Time

There is no perfect timing for product launch instead I will teach you how to set a suitable timing for your launch. Also, you will learn how to set up a pre-launch campaign using video demo, social media and through JVs.

  • Product Launch Techniques

People are always hesitating when it comes to buying (Because they are unwilling to commit when it comes to money!). Therefore, I will teach you how to offer bonuses and discount coupons to make your offer looking worth. Also, I will teach you how to utilize the technique of scarcity offer and dime sale to motivate your subscribers to BUY NOW instead of later.

  • And Many More… There’s more covered in this training – as long as you’re selling anything online and you want to make MORE than whatever you’re making right now, you NEED this.

Even if you have no prior experience, all the more you NEED to get this.

So you can level the playing field in YOUR favor.

And that you too can be a product launch master in your own rights and make money on demand. Before I get to the good stuff, I want you to imagine…

Of course, this doesn’t come with a seminar experience, hotel room, and the networking sessions. But surely you can save a small fortune on that and know what you need to know to start launching your digital product – RIGHT NOW.

Are you ready to change the game of digital product creation and launch them online for sale? You’re just one click away to making that happen.

More info at Udemy.com

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