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In this Digital World, many are thriving on how to promote their Content, how to earn steady income in internet, how to be very famous and successful in internet and many other things. But what many people do not is the answer to all and many fail in searching for all these answers in YouTube. People are constantly mining data in internet to learn more about you & Google encourages it as well, It states that if your e-shop, or website, is successful, a large number of people will visit.

This means that there will be traffic from various IP addresses and other websites, which is an indication of a successful digital presence. But many do not know how to do that, and known people also won’t share these details… But I have survived 22 years in the internet profession and seen many people start, go up and become unknown suddenly, with that I learned many other things and now bringing it to you at low cost , so that all people can buy this Class and Benefit from this class and grow up in your Digital Platform..

By Buying this class, you have the Knowledge of :

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing

  2. Types Marketing

  3. Future of the Social Media

  4. Why people buy in internet ?

  5. How to buy a product and service in internet ?

  6. How to generate content in Internet ?

  7. Why there is no success in Internet ?

  8. Changes of Internet in our lives & latest trends

  9. The future of Internet

  10. How to Earn in Internet

What are The Advantages if you buy this Class :

  • Knowledge on How to create content for digital marketing

  • You will know how to promote products & services in Internet

  • Advantages & disadvantages in Internet

  • How to have steady income in internet

  • How to analyze the trends of internet

  • The future path of E-Marketing

  • How to survive internet waves and hypes

  • Period to get successful in platforms

  • conversion rates of each social media platforms

  • How to present the content in Social media

  • How internet will dominate in our life

  • How to be successful in internet

  • The different types of Digital marketing

More info at Udemy.com

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