DIGITAL MARKETING: Learn Fundamentals of Digital marketing

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The main goal of this course is to help businesses experience
the online success they deserve. It will give you instruction about the main concepts
of website optimization and also about the advertising on a basic level. This
course is to help those just starting out to have a clear understanding of what
to know about digital marketing and resources required towards making their
businesses more successful.  You will
learn a lot about email marketing, SEO, SEM, SMM, UX Design and website
optimization in this course.

The fundamentals discussed will help you solve the two most
important questions of online marketing:

• To get more traffic on your website

• How to increase your website conversions

I am sure that this guide will give you clear direction as you
strive to make your business grow. I welcome you to this course and wish you
all the luck in the world to learn and implement these points in real life.
Stay blessed

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