Diagnosing Internet Connection Issues

We rely so much on the internet that when our connection goes down, or behaves very slowly, it is not only very frustrating but has an impact on our business and personal lives. It’s even worse if internet connection problems are intermittent or ongoing!

Getting to the bottom of WHY the problems are happening can be “a needle in a haystack”, but having some basic understanding and things to test can help to identify whether the problem is with something at your premises, the Internet Service Provider or (in the case of Broadband/Fibre) the underlying phone network. This also saves time (and frustration!) when contacting your Internet Service Provider, as you can try things ahead of speaking to them, instead of having to start from scratch.

This course is technical by nature, but I’ve tried to break it down so you don’t need loads of technical experience to make at least some progress. It is focused on Broadband and Fibre (as these are what I had to deal with during my time working in IT infrastructure), but some of the principles could be applied to other forms of internet such as cable.

Later in the course, I touch upon issues relating to Wifi and also the idea of a “Backup” Internet Connection (so you can keep working when you main internet connection goes down). There are also lectures on restarting a router remotely, introduction to IP Addresses (including Fixed IP’s) and introduction to firewalls.

Ultimately, no one wants to waste more time and energy than they have to dealing with internet problems, which is why I’m sharing my experience through this course.

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