Customer Intelligence and Analytics for Omni-Channel

Marketing departments have moved to a more customer-centric way of engaging customers.  The organization of the marketing department has shifted from purely a brand, product or channel focus to a stronger role of being the faithful steward of the customer relationship.  Marketers have finally recognized the importance and power of shaping customer interactions and the necessity of creating value for their customers.  To meet this challenge, marketers require a better understanding of customer interactions. 

This applied course helps the marketing, CRM, Sales and Analytics professional develop existing and transformational skills and competencies needed to compete in a more customer-centric digital age.  A strategic intelligence framework will link competencies in customer insights, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, scenario planning, digital and social media, business intelligence and experimentation together to drive a more relevant Omni-Channel experience for the customer. 

This is a strategy course with a detailed discussion of the “how-to” and execution elements of setting up a digital and analytics nervous system for a firm but emphasizes an overall understanding of the people, processes, and technologies required to build a data-driven customer intelligence function.  The course discusses the types of analytics, data science, AI, and Martech from a managerial/user and consumer perspective but is not a computational math or statistical methods course or a programming course in these disciplines.  The goal is to help marketers, analysts and executives build multi-disciplinary skills, allowing them to connect the dots and be stronger practitioners overall. 

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