Create High-End Products: From Digital to Physical Products

“I thought I was ready to create physical products but after watching these lectures I realize how many things I missed! Thank you so much for creating this course, you’ve just saved me a lot of money and headache creating a product that I would have to fix later. The extra voice over lectures were priceless and funny, resources are invaluable and I love how you went the extra mile to stay within each lecture by means of green screen videos. My head is spinning with lots of new ideas, thanks!” Mara K.D.


Do you create digital products such as online courses, webinars, teleseminars, ebooks, podcasts, meditations or guided visualizations?   

Are you perhaps a public speaker or want to give in-person presentations and you’re missing that physical product to sell or give away?   

This course is all about turning your digital products, no matter what they are, into physical, shippable items that you can sell as high-end products.

Research and basic human psychology have proven again and again that the perceived value goes through the roof when we can touch a product, rather than just a product that gets emailed to us.

I will show you how I turned my $297 six-week Teleseminar course into a $997 physical product that shipped all over the world. Once I had a physical product to show off, increasing the cost for the digital version to $597 was easy and expected.   

Give people a choice and get paid for your expertise!



Perceived Value!   

Offering a digital product is great because it’s convenient and offers instant delivery. It also reduces returns and complaints due to damaged goods. The upside to turning your digital products into physical products are manifold. You get to charge a lot more for your physical product because people love paying for something they can touch and feel. A digital product doesn’t offer the same high-end feeling that a physical product can offer.   

Add to this that if you’re ever speaking in front of a group of people, having a physical product is an absolute must-have! Not having a physical product for sale when giving a live presentation can even cost you the opportunity because having a physical product is often a requirement to getting hired as a live speaker.  People are expecting a physical product from an expert who takes the stand.   

Digital products are “out of sight out of mind” much faster than a physical product that sits on a client’s book shelf or coffee table. A product, such as a CD, can be taken into the car and listened to without the need for internet.


Physical products instantly turn you into an instant expert. Writing an ebook is great but turning it into an actual print book available on Amazon is taking your ebook to a whole other level.   

The same applies to your online courses, your webinars, teleseminars, videos, interviews, and other things you now offer as digital downloads.

Learn how to turn your digital products into CDs, DVDs and Workbooks now!


“The instructor shared great  strategies from her own experiences for creating  digital courses as well as tips and resources for creating high-ticket digital products. This is a good reference to refer back to as I am creating my own future courses.” Sandra Thompson



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