Conversion Crushing Reviews: How to Write a High Converting Product Review

Need to write a compelling, in-depth review that will put your business or product over the top? Then check out these 4 traits that you need to bring a high amount of traffic to your product! You’ll learn what to include and how to write in order to impact your marketing in a deeply positive way.

You should include at least two links in your review; one at the top of the review, and one at the bottom. This will help get customers whether or not they decide to read your review. If you’re using an SEO strategy, don’t include any more than 2 or 3 links, or it will hurt your rankings. Add plenty of high quality images and/or videos to make your review look more professional. You want the images to the left or right of your text, so it doesn’t crowd out your content.

Pay attention to the length of your post, you want it to be not too short, and not too long. About 500-600 words seems to be ideal, or a bit more for a high-ticket item. Lastly, you’ll need to include a minor flaw, even if you think the product is perfect. This makes lends legitimacy to your review. Above these 4 traits looms the most important part: Write clearly and concisely, without using too much slang or silliness.

If you stick to these characteristics when writing your product reviews, they are sure to stand out and get noticed by lots of traffic! Get to writing!

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