Contract Review Training: Practical Approach

Contract review is inevitable for project success.

Sellers often overlook this step during project sign off due to below reasons;

  • Lack of contract review practical knowledge for the non-legal professionals-Project, Supply Chain, Sales & Technical Professionals.

  • Taking legal advice on every project is time-consuming, expensive and impractical.

This course specially designed for non-legal professionals( Project,Supply Chain,Sales & Technical  Professionals) dealing with  projects.

This course is guaranteed to keep you engaged and teach you the critical contract review skills for your job.This course covers everything you need to know about essential terms on a contract: from reading, reviewing and appropriately responding to a 50-page contract as quick as possible without leaving any risks or liabilities.  Lots of real-case industrial examples in this course will help you to do contract review  right away.

More info at Udemy.com

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