Complete RPA Overview | RPA Tools review & Comparison

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Robotic process automation (RPA) is the process of automating business operations using robots (bots) in order to saves time and human efforts to a major extent.

In this course you will learn :

1. RPA Detailed overview

2. RPA Tools review and comparison

3. RPA Bots overview

4. RPA Implementation process

5. RPA roles and jobs

1. RPA Detailed overview:

•What is Robotic process automation

•Advantages & Disadvantages of RPA

•RPA life cycle

•What RPA is Not

•Myths of RPA

•Types of software automation

•What Tasks Can RPA Automate

•RPA vs Regular automation comparisons

•Why RPA is required

•What’s the future of RPA

•What is the level of interest in RPA

•Will RPA continue growing

2. RPA Tools review and comparison:

•All list of RPA tools

•Checklist for Selecting The Right RPA Tool

•Top 5 RPA Tools comparison

•Functionalities & categories of RPA tools

•Types of RPA tools by usage

3. RPA Bots overview:

•What is Bot in RPA

•Type of Bots

•What are front- and back-office bots

4. RPA Implementation process:

•What is the cost of RPA Implementation

•RPA Implementation Challenges

•Industries using RPA

5. RPA roles and jobs:

•RPA Job roles

•What is an RPA Developer

•RPA Developer Skills

•RPA Developers approximate Salary

•Points considered while selecting RPA consultant

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