Company’s Product Development & Value Proposition Strategies

This course is about providing leadership and guidance over your company’s product development and value proposition strategies.  Isn’t that a sales and marketing responsibility? Yes, sales and marketing certainly should have input and be strong allies, but who is responsible for capital allocations, budgeting processes, innovation agendas and operating plans?  The answer – many people, including finance!  And usually the CFO or senior finance leaders need to be the ring leader in several of these processes and when creating strategic alignment for multiple stakeholders. 

This course talks about how to tie product development strategies to capital planning and operational decision making, along with customer feedback and overall marketing and value proposition strategies.  This can be an all-encompassing and sometimes overwhelming discussion, but when executed effectively, can provide powerful alignment and direction.  Follow through this course and see if you can take away some gold nuggets to take back to your team and organization on how to effectively and efficiently please your customers and guide your business investment and operating decisions!

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