Cloud Defender WordPress Security Product Review Filter out malicious traffic before it reaches your site and get a free SSL certificate to use with your blog.

Don’t take the security of your WordPress blog for granted.

Cloud Defender is a really valuable addition to improving the security of WordPress blogs. While plugins are part of the package, the main security aspects reside at Cloudflare.

A hacked blog will plummet in ranking once Google becomes aware of its hacked status. Sometimes the blog’s original ranking can never be recovered. This is yet another reason to make your blog secure.

Google have already announced that the use of SSL on a site will improve how it ranks. The Cloud Defender package shows you how to get and implement a free SSL certificate on all your websites. It removes the the requirement of having to renew a commercial cert every year and the onerous task of having to manually set one up.

Because SSL is technical in nature, most webmasters don’t use it. Now that impediment has been removed and for that reason alone, the price of the Cloud Defender package is more than worth it.

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Cloud Defender:

Autoptimize Caching Plugin:

W3 Total Cache Plugin:

W3 Total Cache

GTMetrix (test your site’s speed):

Pingdom (alternative place to test your site’s speed):

Need a professionally set up, secure, blog?

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Cloud Defender WordPress Security System Review

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