Click Bank Affiliate Marketing Product Review Scam! WARNING

WARNING This scared the shit out of me. Don’t Buy into this Scam: ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Review Scam. Take Surveys for Cash Crap. Watch the video on what I bought and what happened afterword’s, the worst boiler room pressure scare tactics I’ve ever seen. In fact, I’m going to check my credit rating today to ensure fake credit cards are not being made in my name by scam artists. PLEASE SHARE so others don’t become prey.

I have been studying Affiliate Marketing for months to find products that will help people become entrepreneurs and in turn hoping to sell good quality products. My journey has been anything but enjoyable, after downloading over 100 free reports, watching countless webinars and videos and buying and returning multiple products I have now given up at least in the ClickBank, JV Zoo and similar areas.

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads on Face Book all about making huge amounts of money almost instantly. Affiliate marketing is rife with dishonesty and crappy products. From claiming to cure diabetes, tinnitus you name it, all unproved, yet Click Bank racks them in by the thousands.

I have never seen so much bullshit in my entire life, people claiming to make millions in many cases in less than one year. One company said they made 8 million in 3 months. When you look at advertising laws in both the US and Canada it’s clear they are all in violation, why are they getting away with this? Any claims of earnings are to be backed up by legitimate sources and NONE of them have it.

I have asked multiple affiliate marketing advertisers to please give examples of good quality Click Bank products or Amazon stores they own but they all say the same thing, “that’s not the way it works”. WTF, if I knew they had a good quality product I’d buy it. A decent amount of my income comes from plastic surgeons, is that going to put me out of business, of course not. This is all because they all sell training only, yet according to Click Bank that category is nowhere near the top sellers. Then why the hell do they do it? And why if someone is making that kind of money would they offer training instead of making the money from the products they advocate? Pretty sure most know the real answer and that is THEY MAKE MORE MONEY.

And the worst part is they prey on newbies, get them loaded up in debt based on false dreams to make money quick only to enrich their own bank accounts.

I think it’s time the Media and Law Enforcement start digging into this industry, without question newbies are losing out millions and millions of dollars with a less than 1% chance of making any real money.

That’s not all, Face Book is allowing these deceiving ads that would never be approved by the Competition Bureau, I smell a very large scam and the only ones making money are the scammers and Face Book.

PS: I’ve been in the digital marketing business since 2000, I’m NOT trying to sell you anything, I just felt it’s time people became educated so you don’t lose your hard earned money and worse borrow to get into this incredibly deceptive industry.

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