CFA Level 1 Economics Quick Review

Economics is a fundamental subject for the CFA curriculum and is one of the most important topics of CFA study. As economics is part of each CFA level and gets integrated with Portfolio management in Level 3, it is imperative that you study properly and understand the concepts of Economics at CFA level 1. To assist you in your preparation, my course will give you a quick understanding of the Economics syllabus before your exam.

The CFA Level 1 Economics syllabus covers microeconomics, macroeconomics and economics in the global context and this quick review course covers the syllabus in short video lectures of just under 2 hours. In fifteen short lectures of 10 to 15 mins I will help you revise the Economics course and make you confident of passing the exam.

The key topics covered include

        • Demand & supply analysis: Introduction
        • Demand & supply analysis: Consumer demand
        • Demand & supply analysis: The firm
        • The Firm & market structures
        • Aggregate output, Prices, Economic growth
        • Understanding business cycles
        • Monetary and Fiscal policy
        • International trade and Capital flows
        • Currency exchange rates
        • Demand & supply analysis: The firm

Be aware that this course is not a substitute for reading the CBOK. I urge you to read it to get a good understanding of Economics and then use these lectures for quick and confident review before the exam.

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