CAPM PMI Associate Review Project Management Exam

Sample Questions

Q) Recording stakeholder is the output signal:

a) Identification of stakeholders.

b) stakeholder management plan.

c) Monitoring the engagement of stakeholders.

d) Managing the interaction with stakeholders.

e) None

Q) Exit developing team process is:

a) change requests

b) evaluation of the implementation team

c) Appointment of project staff

d) Project document updates

e) None

Q) Management continues production to ensure continuity of business products and services effectively describes what kind of management?

a) Wallet

b) Project

c) program

d) operations

e) None

Q) Which manager is appointed by the reporting organization to lead the team, which is responsible for achieving the objectives of the project?

a) program

b) functional

c) Project

d) Wallet

e) None

Q) Approaches, tools, and data sources to be used to perform risk management in the project are defined:

a) methodology

b) risk category

c) attitude to risk

d) analysis of the Assumption

e) None

Q) Input to the process control of the procurement plan is:

a) solutions or overbought.

b) evaluation of costs

c) dealer.

d) procurement documents.

e) None

Q) cost performance measure should be reached with other resources to achieve management objectives specific and is expressed as a ratio of cost to complete outstanding work remaining budget is known:

a) budget at the end (BAC)

b) Earned Value Management (EVM)

c) to complete performance index

d) Cost Performance Index

e) None

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