Business Mind – Mastering Business Development

In this course you will learn how to master business development in practice. The contents are structured as follows:

  1. Explanation & definition of business development and the explanation of the tasks of the Business Development Manager.

  2. Product perspective of business development, including software & services.

    • Understand customer needs and convert them into solutions

    • Product features vs. customer satisfaction

    • Innovation management

    • Agile approaches to developing products, software and services

    • Product life cycle & S-curve model

    • Portfolio management

    • Customer psychology

  3. Sales perspective of business development

    • Basics of interpersonal selling

    • Customer journey

    • Sustainable customer relationships

    • Define and expand sales channels

    • Push vs. pull incentives

    • Cooperations & partnerships

  4. Marketing perspective of business development

    • Understand buyer behavior

    • Market segmentation

    • Marketing strategies

    • Expansion and internationalization strategies

    • Marketing and communication tools

    • Push vs. pull communication

    • Sales promotions

  5. Merging of the perspectives in the Business Model Canvas

    • Structuring of new and existing business models

    • Application of the growth levers of business development

Within the sections you will find a variety of exercises and practical examples to enable you to put what you have learned into practice.

The various contents were selected according to their practical suitability. I deliberately teach learning content, which has helped me in my professional career to achieve years of growth in my business areas, supplemented by knowledge that will be useful for you. The topics you will learn will help you to make an excellent entry into business development or to broaden your horizons in your current business development position.

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