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Part 1 will teach you how to Stock your Digital Inventory with great photos, descriptions and videos that you can use time and time again, without searching, scrambling or editing.

Part 2 is all about Creating a Brand that Sells, both online and in person. Once you learn how to clearly express who you are and what makes your business special, you will effortlessly create sales and word of mouth buzz.

In part 3 you will Develop your Digital Real Estate—Google, Facebook, Yelp and all of the other websites where people will find your business—and you’ll learn how to get found fast and how to convert those who find you into customers. This chapter will also touch upon dealing with the stinkers who will try to abuse online ratings to get their way.

Part 4 will help you learn to evaluate different types of advertising—print, email, social and direct mail—and Create Effective Ads so that you can maximize the return of every dollar you invest.

In part 5–Get the Press you Deserve–you’ll discover how to get free publicity from the media, how to sell yourself without selling your soul, and how to create word-of-mouth buzz.

Part 6 will teach you to connect with customers by Taking your Brand to the Streets. This is a fun and effective way to do offline marketing. Get ready to learn where to go, what to bring, and how to sell your product in seconds.

Part 7 will provide guidance on how to Grow your Digital Relationships through social media, newsletters, forums and more.

Finally, in part 8, we’ll talk about building meaningful relationships with other small (and big!) business owners, and how to Weave Yourself a Profit Network that will add revenue to your bottom line without too much additional effort.

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