Business Fundamentals: Corporate Strategy

If you want to be a business owner or a corporate executive whose job involves business decisions, then you will certainly need to master three fundamental disciplines:

  • Business Strategy   

  • Management and Leadership   

  • Marketing Strategy   

There is no way around that. It is possible to be an entrepreneur and a CEO with an engineering background and without an MBA or a business degree; what is not possible is being either of those things without having a clue about:   

  • The industry lifecycle model and its four stages: Introduction, Growth, Maturity, and Decline   

  • Porter’s five forces model   

  • The bargaining power of buyers   

  • The bargaining power of clients   

  • The threat of new entrants   

  • The threat of substitute products   

  • Game theory   

  • The typical company lifecycle   

  • What a competitive advantage is


  • How to choose the optimal competitive strategy: Cost leadership, Differentiation, or Niche   

  • The dangers of pursuing a hybrid strategy   

  • How to choose whether to grow organically or through M&A   

  • The difference between horizontal and vertical integration   

  • The advantages and dangers of outsourcing   

  • How to apply a SWOT analysis in practice   

These are interesting and important topics and you can’t expect to build a solid business if you have not studied them in detail.   

This is precisely why this is an excellent course! Each of these concepts is explained in a clear and effective way and we touch on all topics with the necessary level of detail.   

The course contains plenty of real-life examples, which makes it even more fun and easy to understand. In addition, we have prepared a ton of supplemental resources for you:  quiz questions with explanations, course notes, PDF files, and so on.   

So, what are you waiting for?

Click the “Take this course” button and let’s begin this journey together!


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