Business Development Strategies and growth hacks for brands


Business development has always been the cornerstone of the success of any business. While most founders grapple with how to make it work for them, its impact is rarely felt like it’s been reported. Surprisingly, nine out of ten businesses fail every year from not knowing how to survive in the ever-dynamic business world today.

The challenges of growth for startups and most businesses can be centered around 3 major areas,

1. Knowing how to properly validate a business idea to see if the idea has a product-market fit before spending resources in pursuing the venture

2. Building enough early traction (growth signals) to sustain the business through its early stage

3. Generating enough lead opportunities while converting them to yield significant revenue for the business leveraging partnership.

It has been established that businesses flourish when they solve the puzzle of understanding business development strategies. Ironically, there are very few concise training out there on these as most successful entrepreneurs are either busy or consider sharing this knowledge as a compromise on their trade secret. Hence, this knowledge has resided mostly in the boardroom of some elite group of business professionals.

This course was designed to change all of this narrative. From discovering the strategies of validating a business idea to securing growth strategies that will scale your business. It was engineered to get to the core of the pain-point of the early founder to building the necessary confidence required to unleash the spirit of entrepreneurship.

So if you are here on this page, right now, because you desire to learn a new skill to accelerate your business? – then you are in the right place.

Wondering how your product can create a niche for itself in the marketplace? – Of course, this training is for you.

Thinking of the best solutions to record early wins for your startup? – Absolutely, you are covered!

So this is an overview of what you will be learning

A foundation of the what business development is all about

Developing the winning mindset as a business developer or a founder.

The fundamentals and strategies of gaining early traction

Understanding email outreach and Bulk Email Systems for cold emailing

Measuring success through analytics

Understanding B2B Partnership and the cutting-edge partnership styles making waves

By the end of the course, you will possess breakthrough insights into how to navigate a business idea to set it on a trajectory of unprecedented growth using our proven MOLI growth hack techniques.

This insight has helped me to build two successful businesses and has helped hundreds of founders around the world to accelerate their growth journeys. It earlier took me to join an outstanding accelerator program in Europe to collaborate with big tech companies such as Google and the government of the Netherlands. The tips also helped me to present and associate with high-business professionals at the United Nations world conference of disaster risk reduction in Sendai Japan were I pitched before world leaders.

So the course is not about some theoretical assertions but experiential knowledge that cost me so many resources and time; all in one content available for you.

The best part about this training is that it is an ongoing development. I promise to continuously challenge the status quo to revitalize our learning with new content to improve the understanding of this subject matter. So by joining this course, you are on a lifetime journey of learning business development strategies.

Remember this course has a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, so what will be an excuse for not jumping right away to take advantage of this opportunity.

I will be available to answer your questions in a private message in the classroom as you explore and try to apply some of the things I will show you. Trust me, I am rooting earnestly for your success and I can’t wait to see you thrive!

So let’s dive into the course.

See you in.

Prince Ogbonna.

Who this course is developed for

This course is developed for founders, entrepreneurs, business developers, and business managers, sales professionals, and anybody who are tasked with the responsibility of accelerating the growth of their businesses or organizations.

A MUST take for anyone who has an idea and about to lunch their business.

A great opportunity for an individual who wants to understand the modern-day partnership.

An indispensable guide for a startup focused on gaining early wins for investment.

More info at Udemy.com

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