Business Automation with VBA: Accessing the Internet

I’m excited to invite you to take the fourth course in my program: Beyond Excel Boundaries with VBA: Accessing the Internet

You will need this set of skills and technologies in many Excel VBA projects.

Access any Internet API, consume Web-Services, do Web-Scrapping.

Look what can happen to you after having completed this course:

  • You will be Competitive: do more than just automating Excel. Offer integration projects with other technologies and systems

  • You will be able to employ internet technologies: understand how the internet works. Parse HTML and work with XML and JSON files.

  • You will be able to consume published API’s and do web-scrapping: Incorporate data from web-sites like product catalog, search listings and other data into your Excel VBA program

This course covers essential technologies and extensions to meet the business requirements of business solutions

In this course you will understand the principles of the Internet technology, popular protocols and file formats used to store and exchange data. You will consume a published API over the Internet and do web-scrapping on eBay – all with VBA!

You will discover:

  • Understanding Internet fundamentals

  • Working with popular file formats: XML, JSON, CSV

  • Consuming a published Internet API

  • Web-scrapping into Excel Worksheet

  • Assignment: Exchange rates chart based on data published on the Internet

What you will get when enrolling to this course:

  • 2.5 hours in 6 recorded, hands-on sessions

Each session was carefully planned, its code was written and verified and the video was edited to reflect a balanced blend of slides lecture with hands-on demo.

The course is structured to build a gradual learning curve. With each session you conquer another goal, expand your skills and experience.

The harmonized planning and orchestration of the complete 8-course program delivers to you an un-matched combination of skill-sets, typically never found in a single, coherent and complete program.

  • 1 Quiz

The course closes with a quiz. The quiz is designed to measure your deep understanding of the material. Repeating a sentence you heard in the course is not enough to pass the quiz.

Only true understanding gained through practice leads to successful professionals – and that is what I aim for you!

  • 1 Assignment

Writing code that works for real business needs will earn you the practice and skill you need. The assignments are engineered to confront you with real business challenges and are considered an important part of your training.

I always say: an assignment is your opportunity to express yourself!

  • Assignment’s complete solution: Excel VBA code for download

Download my suggestion for a possible solution to the assignment. This is a complete, fully working solution that will expand and enrich your knowledge and techniques for implementing business challenges.

I explain my solution for each and every assignment in a dedicated, detailed session, so these are important lessons in and of themselves – don’t skip those sessions!

More info at Udemy.com

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