Build and Grow a Product Review Channel on YouTube

One of the top desired careers among the younger generation is becoming a YouTuber/Vlogger. This trend is overshadowing more traditional careers like being a doctor, athlete, accountant, lawyer, etc. Part of it is the fame and some of it is the potential income. However, in reality, not all of us can become a famous YouTuber making millions of dollars off of our videos but everyone CAN take a piece of the action!

Being successful on YouTube is not an easy task. But by being consistent and determined you CAN make YouTube a great side business that is rewarding and can earn you extra income. This course is NOT necessarily designed to make you a full-time YouTuber but it will teach you everything I practice and know about managing a YouTube product review channel.

A YouTube Business is Not Just for Teenagers

You also do not need to be a teenager to find success reviewing products on YouTube. This course is for all ages! In fact I didn’t start my YouTube endeavors until I was in my mid-40s and I never dreamed I’d be where I’m at now! As a result, I’ve arrived at a point where I have a working plan on how to maintain steady growth on YouTube and can now share with you the things I know that work!

Focus on Product Reviews

In my opinion, product reviews and product tutorials are one of the best genres to be associated with on YouTube. The reason is that everyone buys things and at some point, the consumer is going to want more information about a product before they buy and that’s where product review videos are helpful. And after a purchase, that same consumer is probably going to have questions about their products which is why product tutorials should be a part of your channel as well.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into technology, automotive, cooking, home crafts, home repair, etc. There’s a wide range of products you can talk about and there will be an audience interested in learning more with what you have to say in your videos. And here’s a fact, any hobby you’re interested in will have many products you can discuss and promote on YouTube. And who best to talk about these products than someone like you who is active in a hobby with a lot of hands-on expertise?

Get Your Videos Discovered on YouTube

This course will cover topics like how to produce high quality videos and equipment. But more importantly, I also will teach you how I get people to find and choose to watch your videos over the competition. In 2019 I found one news article that said over 500 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute! So it’s super easy for your content to get lost in all that noise. And if no one discovers your videos then you don’t get views which is frustrating and is what eventually leads well intentioned people to quit YouTube. I don’t want that to happen to you!

Included in this course is my method of video marketing which involves various methods of SEO, generating search engine friendly titles and keyword research… all without any paid software. But all that is not enough! You’ll also learn how to create eye-catching video thumbnails that are effective at making potential viewers click on your video. This is my “secret sauce” that helps me grow on YouTube and allows me to compete with all the other videos out there.

This Course Also Covers Topics Relevant to All YouTubers

You do not have to be a product reviewer to benefit from this course! A lot of the topics discussed here apply to any type of YouTube channel. Especially the marketing, SEO and management parts of the course. Those are topics that can be applied to everyone. But of course the major emphasis is on how to review products and the things that relate to making success with reviews.

But I Can’t Monetize with Adsense

If you’re a new YouTuber it’s going to be difficult to monetize your videos with Adsense. YouTube currently requires your channel to have 4000 hours (240,4000 minutes) of watch time within the past 12 months while having at least 1000 subscribers to be allowed into the YouTube Partner Program. This course will describe alternate ways to generate side income almost right from the start. Your results will vary of course but at least you’ll have options if your channel hasn’t reached the minimum thresholds for Adsense.

How Much Time Does It Take?

Creating success on YouTube takes time! A lot of time! Others will lead you to believe that you can enjoy success quickly on YouTube but that’s definitely not the case. And as a result many YouTubers will give up because of the time and dedication involved. But in this course you’ll learn methods on how to consistently produce new videos on a regular schedule. Having a regular publishing schedule will give your viewers something to look forward to on your channel just like a TV show.

This cumulative effect will result in MORE views, MORE subscribers and potentially MORE income. And again, product reviews are one of the best genres for YouTube growth in my opinion. I have first hand experience of the results! It’s taken time but I can’t see any reason why my channel would ever slow down if I stick with my plan taught here in this course.

Welcome to the Course!

Following the tips in this course can tip the scale in your favor and lead you on the road to growth on your YouTube channel. If you’re stuck and need advice, you’ve found the right place! Every tutorial is explained in detail with lots of easy to understand examples. The methods described in this course for growing a product review channel on YouTube are simple and what I use in a day-to-day basis. I invite you to come take a behind-the-scenes tour of how I manage my own YouTube channel! Welcome!

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