Book Review Avalanche

The reason why most authors are getting poor results from their out reach strategies is because most authors aren't comfortable with book marketing and as a result a lot of them leave a lot of money on the table by not having a solid strategy to collect good quality reviews.

Book Review Avalanche is like the Bible of Book Review strategies for authors!

>>> Here's what you get inside this POWERFUL training:

Module 1: Why Do You Need Reviews?

This training has specifically been created to help you understand the reasons why you cannot ignore reviews.

Module 2: Getting Reviews From Your Current Tribe!

This training is a walk-through that will show EXACTLY how to leverage the relationship you have with your audience.

Module 3: Getting Reviews When You Don't Have A Tribe!

I'll show you a series of powerful strategies that you can leverage to get reviews when you don't yet have a fan base because you're either getting started or marketing has never been your strong suit.

Module 4: Getting Reviews From Amazon Top Reviewers!

Targeting Top Amazon Reviewers can seem daunting, but just like anything else, it's a question of having a solid strategy in place.

Module 5: Getting Reviews From Virtual Video Tour!

Leveraging video during your book launch can help you land a tsunami of reviews and attract a brand new group of book buyers that you wouldn't have been able to get using any other book marketing strategy!

Module 6: Leveraging Random Email Praises!

Are you missing out on a golden opportunity when you receive random email praises for your book because you don't have a solid strategy in place?

Module 7: Black Hat Strategies!

Black Hat Strategies can be a great way to kick-start things when it comes to getting reviews, but only if you know what you're doing.

Module 8: Using A Professional Service?

If you have ever wondered if you should consider hiring a professional review service to help get you more reviews faster, this module will break open the world of paid reviews!

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